Products and Services

Digital Payment Switching

PASS focuses primarily on switching digital payments domestically and across the regions in which we operate. Our initial focus will be Ghana where we have established a switch that is capable of providing seamless interoperable mobile payments across all incumbents – MNOs and Banks/Financial Institutions. The switch can provide detailed reporting to the Central Bank and ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines. Settlement of low value payment transactions takes place through the RTGS system for high reliability and rapid settlement improving the availability of funds to end customers. Payments are scheme agnostic and across all payment types – Mobile, e-Commerce, etc.

Card Scheme

PASS provides participants in the payments industry in Africa a more cost effective and relevant payments scheme. Being locally based in each of the respective regions in Africa, PASS has an in-depth knowledge of the markets it serves and their unique requirements and is developing a range of unique value added services previously not seen across Africa. PASS leverages its technology and operations expertise regionally through its data centers and client operations across spread out across Africa.

PASS can provide a full range of card issuing products including debit, credit and prepaid cards which are accepted through out its network in Africa through multiple channels including ATM, POS, Mobile wallets and e-Commerce. PASS can also enable payments without physical plastic through mobile wallets and government ID cards using sophisticated verification techniques.

Transit Payments and Government Payments

PASS facilitates electronic payments for transit applications by allowing a prepaid reloadable transit card for use in all transit modes. This reduces the dependence on cash collection and its associated issues. In addition, the PASS transit cards can also be used for small value purchases at convenience stores and coffee shops near transit locations providing a better customer experience by speeding up the transaction.

PASS can also be used for government payments facilitating a cashless e-Government ecosystem. This eases the burden on managing and maintaining cash collection points and automates the reconciliation process for backend accounting and monitoring systems. By migrating to e-commerce and mobile enabled payment systems, governments can benefit from faster settlements of transactions for all associated payments.

PASS also enables government issued ID payments using biometric authentication techniques. By providing software that resides on the chi of the government ID, it allows the user to use the ID for making payments through multiple channels and choosing any payment method including existing card products, mobile money and direct from bank accounts. These transactions can be made at traditional POS, e-Commerce and ATMs.

Value Add Services

PASS provides a full range of value add services to all payments providers. These include loyalty, rewards programs, risk management and fraud mitigation tools. With its inbuilt interoperability, PASS can provide loyalty programs that allow users to gain points while using making payments in multiple platforms and locations. Differentiated programs allow for different points to be accrued depending on usage of cards by type of transaction. In addition, reward programs can allow for redemption in real time across issuers and merchant locations. These programs can be enacted at the regional level or across the continent. PASS technology incorporate the latest in risk management and fraud detection programs allowing users to and issuers to permit transactions in multiple channels with minimal risk to incumbents.